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Comment from Zyrome on October 17, 2013, 7:49 pm:

And to the troll,It was I who spoke to Captain earlier today in his mniakg the comments only available to people with blogger accounts.I do not have one because it was deleted by blogger because my blog asked too many questions and wasn't liked by certain fascists within society who hated freedom of speech.It was this very angle I took with the good Captain to not censor his blog because it goes against liberty and in him doing so would be acting no differently to the elites themselves. Therefore, we can see the deluge of non sensible typings from your fingertips on this forum.Now this maybe liberty, but then when one realises that you haven't even bothered to construct a sentence, or give any argument whatsoever, to anything, then it simply comes to pass that your 'mess' does not even fall into any grammatical offering whatsoever and can, like most rubbish, be put into the bin.Therefore Captain, I agree that you should remove these forthwith.Sadly, it shows that the captain is doing something right. This moron, is most certainly someone who disagree with what the captain has to say, which offer only one conclusion that they are part of the very system, that we all despise and wish to see fall. It also proves, beyond all shadow of a doubt that the system has nothing to offer in discourse, to argue what the captain has to write.I'm actually quite happy to simply scroll down past the shite that this non entity is vomiting on your blog captain. I do it all the time on other blogs, to people's views I have no desire in knowing - Stan springs to mind. LOLSo Troll, if you want to complain about something, do so, instead of what looks like having an epileptic fit all over the keyboard.And is the captain a cunt? Well, it's a matter of opinion, to you obviously so, but please, once really is enough. It loses its punch once it's been used and only makes you look like a child, being told to write something out 'x' amount of times on a blackboard for being a very naughty boy.regardsHarbinger

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Comment from Angel on September 2, 2013, 12:33 pm:

Ik heb twee reacties:De ereste een praktische tip, om een reactie te plaatsen moet ik behoorlijk lang naar beneden scrollen, een andere wijze om een reactie te plaatsen zou prettig zijn.De tweede is om aan te geven dat ik de cursus in mijn rol als professional het geleerde direct in praktijk kan brengen. Ik belde een Relatiemanager om een kennismakingsgesprek in te plannen. Hij stond hiervoor open echter hij had het druk met het opstellen van een RFP. Ik heb de afspraak voor over 2 weken ingeschoten. Maar ik zag het haakje en heb hem gevraagd of hij mogelijk hulp kon gebruiken bij de RFP. Hij antwoordde volmondig JA.Het geleerde werkt dus! Thanks Jetse.

Identified as: Iy9ZGbBgyMTC

Comment from Caro on August 30, 2013, 7:27 pm:

” you have one chance to come clean with me and only one chace”. i looked into his eyes with a what are you talking about look for about 5 secs. then i broke down and told him about the doctor that just threw anti-depressants and sleeping pills at me and how i tried the adderall on my own and how i felt normal for the first time in my life and to my surprise he agreed with me. he told me buying the prescription was wrong but he didnt blame me because he knew i felt hopeless. so,like an angel, he prescribed it to me and said that he prayed over it and thats why he helped me. he said he had a feeling he was being conned(which he was) but he felt that i was legit in some way. and god gave him a feeling(TOLD HIM) to help me and thank godd he did because now i feel like i can do my job working on helicopters, do my air national guard job on f-16s, and take care , play with , and support , my wife and 3 kids without screwing up and if i do screw up i feel like i have the umph to make it better if not fix it! i say all THAT to say this. ive tried from the time i was 15 to now to find something to help me feel normal or at least in charge a little. from pot ( which isnt bad ) to exctasy ( which is good depnding on whats in it ) to cocaine ( which is horrible! period paragragh!) and this led me to big addictions especially with pain meds! and now i dont even feel the slightest urge ( EVEN THE SLIGHTEST) to do any of that sh!t! thnx for listening and i hope my posts help at least one person whether its someone with add or someone living with add. if ur the later pls remember to treat them delicately as they adjust to there meds and if they havent gotten their meds yet be super delicate because we have a tendency to either blow up or implode which neither is good for anyone so just take it easy k….. thnx for listening rick from starkville car insurance quotes

Identified as: CnLJflwy

Comment from Stephen on August 9, 2013, 10:41 am:

Campaign debt is an important initacdor of leadership.So is the quality of the candidate's endorsements.Pat Herrity's endorsements include Donald E. Scoggins, who:1. Publicly endorsed Obama, then denied it until the copy of Time was shoved in his face.2. Cost the taxpayers a bundle when the squalid rat hole apartment buildings in the District that he was renting out to low income families (and collecting handsome federal subsidies) were all condemned, resulting in his then-employer, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, to pay six figures of money to house his victims in motels for many months until suitable low income housing could be found for all those families.3. Did irreparable damage to the Fairfax County Republican party organization in the Springfield district, costing incumbents their positions.Pat Herrity wants to make a issue of his reading of an FEC document, without providing his own filings. The real issue is the company that Herrity keeps.

Identified as: ROS9AC804G6p

Comment from Mohamed on August 8, 2013, 3:25 am:

My daughters and I were on our way home from Silver Dollar City. My sietsr and her family was 10 miles behind us. I started listening to this radio station just north of Branson West. I could not believe I could hear the station that far away. Because of their interviews with Keith Stammer, the Emergency Management Director of Joplin, I along with my sietsr chose to go South as Keith stated was always best in a tornadic situation. I believe this decision possibly saved our lives. We exited I-44 at the Diamond exit otherwise we would have been on I-44 when the tornado hit. Thanks KZRG and Keith Stammer.

Identified as: Unknown

Comment from Trevor on April 16, 2013, 9:25 pm:

I am getting text blasted from this number. I have no idea who it is and I want it to stop.

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